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The pack  de Terre Sauvage is made up of three Nordic sled dog breeds. We have chosen these dogs in line with our lifestyle, our needs in the team as well as our favorites.  for their looks and behavior.  

Each of our dogs are unique. They will know how to charm you with their character traits and their physical particularity.

We have made the choice to adopt our dogs at the legal age of two months, in order to constitute a pack that is as balanced as possible and to socialize them correctly.  to their future environment.

Their portraits are presented to you here.

Come and meet them quickly by sharing one of our activities!


Sköll, Laïka de Iakoutie (2018)

Hatï, Husky de Sibérie (2018)

Sneza, Alaskan Husky (2017)

Lokï, Chien du Groenland (2019)

Ivar, Chien du Groenland (2019-2023)

Pamiuq, Laïka de Iakoutie (2019)

Ull, Chien du Groenland (2020)

Ragnar, Husky de Sibérie (2020)

Kanut, Laïka de Iakoutie (2020-2022)

Suluk, Chien du Groenland (2021)

Njörd, Chien du Groenland (2021)

Taïma, Laïka de Iakoutie (2022)

Nott, Alaskan Husky (2022)

Ulva, Chien du Groenland (2022)

Idunn, Laïka de Iakoutie (2022)

Nilak, Chien du Groenland (2022)

Manì, Alaskan Husky (2023)

Edda, Husky de Sibérie (2023)

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